Australia Planning to Issue Large number of partner visa once country Re-open

Labor MP Julian Hill says the federal government should proceed clearing Australia’s accumulation of partner visa applications.

The Discussion about Australia’s post-coronavirus migration program announced, with a Labor MP Julian Hill calling for increasing in the number of partner visas issued once the country has reopen again after corona pandemic.

Backbencher Julian Hill disclosed that the federal government should address the estimated excess of up to 100,000 applications as the pandemic comforts for both economic and right reasons.

“People who already have a strong family connection with Australia, they have somewhere to settle & live, they will arrive from day one and settled with their partner from day one in Australia”

“Department of Home Affairs has now to clear the excess of up to 100,000 visas and permit these people to come and start their lives in Australia as soon as the borders reopen.”

Last month, the Australian Prime Minister said that Australia’s net overseas migration statistics would drop by 85% in the 2020-21 financial year, compared to 2018-19 numbers.

According to the Department of Home Affairs, delaying times for these visas to be treated has increased to almost two years. “These ever-growing delays … effect tens of thousands of Australians who are separated from their life partner who is abroad waiting for a visa,” Mr Hill said.

Last month, Minister for Immigration Alan Tudge said “the pandemic accessible a complicated situation” for couples who were applying for a partner visa. He also confirmed, for now, Australia would be “only attractive people in if they’re an Australian citizen or permanent residents”.

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