Austin Realtor Releases Book Describing “Rich Slow” Wealth Acquisition 

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Austin Realtor Debbie Trominski has written a book describing her Rich Slow method of wealth attainment, a process by which she expects to parlay the 11 homes she owns around Austin into a comfortable retirement for her husband and herself. 

A guide for others who wish to duplicate her methods, and ensure their own happy retirements, “Rich Slow Is My Homeboy: Real Estate Investing Redefined” is a 50-page book that carefully explains in playful, irreverent and easy-to-understand language how Trominski’s method works. 
In a nutshell, the method capitalizes on the robust equity single-family homes in Austin attain in the city’s fundamentally solid real estate market. 

Beginning with a single home purchased when she was 24, Trominski and her husband have turned a series of cash-out refinances into a portfolio of 10 rental homes they own throughout the city, with a compelling plan to pivot how she capitalizes on the portfolio’s equity to help finance the couple’s retirement. 

“Because so many people have asked me about my methods, I wrote a book to explain the process in detail,” said Trominski. “I hope to show other middle-class folks how to add a solid investment vehicle to their retirement portfolio.”  

The method is not difficult, though a successful execution does require some insider tips — gleaned through many years of experience — that are detailed in the book. 

After graduating with an MBA in marketing from the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business, Trominski landed a job as a marketing manager at a software startup. When the firm folded, she decided to pursue her true passion: real estate, where she’s flourished now for more than 16 years, all in Austin. She is currently associated with Maxavenue, an Austin-based real estate brokerage firm. She and her husband have two children and live in Allandale. 

“Rich Slow is my Homeboy” is available on Amazon as an e-book ($8.99) or as a soft-cover hold-in-your-hands book ($12). Review copies are available.