Austin Area Wedding Venue is World’s First to Drop NFT

Prima Vista, a wedding venue in the iconic Texas Hill Country just outside of Austin, has just dropped a series of NFTs. Couples who get married at the venue will receive a limited edition NFT designed and minted by the owners.
David Livingston, who owns and operates Prima Vista with his wife, Ellen, recalled how they came up with the idea. “We were brainstorming together about how we could do something for our couples to help commemorate their special occasion. We deal day-to-day with young people, many of whom work at technology companies in and around Austin, and it was kind of a EUREKA! moment when we had the idea to gift them an NFT. I mean, how cool is that anyway?”
These limited edition NFTs are a series of original artworks created by the Livingstons, digital depictions of their “You + Me Tree”, a prominent fixture on the property. “When couples come to tour, we take a picture of them by the You and Me Tree,” Ellen explained. “We text them a copy as a souvenir from their visit. Gifting our couples an NFT of the You and Me Tree is just the next step in showing them our appreciation for their business. For our couples, receiving an NFT to commemorate their big day is literally a one-of-a-kind experience.”
These NFTs are currently valued around $400.00 each, but they could become even more collectible over time. “Crypto and cryptographic assets such as NFTs have grown considerably in value and popularity,” David said, “and the collectible nature of NFTs means that owning the world’s first  of anything could be a great opportunity in this exciting new field of art and finance.”
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Source: Prima Vista