AURA Technologies of Raleigh, NC, Awarded $50M AI Defense Contract

The U.S. Army Research Office awarded AURA Technologies, LLC of Raleigh, NC, a $50 million contract focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based systems. AURA Technologies is an expert in numerous aspects of AI, including machine learning algorithms for both time and frequency-domain data, computer vision, and image recognition.
“The contract will allow AURA to expand into a number of critical AI areas, including advanced manufacturing and AI-based predictive maintenance and sustainment,” stated Dr. Eric Strong, AURA’s Vice President and lead of AI systems. “The full-scale implementation of an AI solution involves a spectrum of technologies that have been developed by AURA. These span hardware, software, data preprocessing, communications, and network infrastructure. We have also focused heavily on computing resources for processing of the AI algorithms.”
The initial work under the indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract will focus on power systems, intelligent lighting, and intelligent environments for U.S. Army environments in deployed regions.
“We have firmly established our leadership for the U.S. Army in the area of intelligent tactical power,” said Anna Bennett, President and Co-Founder of AURA. “AURA was initially in a field of 29 competitors and we won in this space to become the lead performer for the U.S. Army for AI applied to power systems.”
More recently, AURA has expanded its work around intelligent power control to include a flexible LED lighting solution. The goal of the program is for military tents and shelters to have lighting integrated into the shelters.
“When we are successful in this space, the Department of Defense will realize important improvements in both energy efficiency and logistics efficiency,” stated Douglas Bennett, CEO and Co-Founder. “The work will expand into other very interesting areas related to intelligent environments. It is truly an exciting time for AI applied to operations.”
More work is in planning to expand within the contract the U.S. Army awarded to AURA in the near term, and this is reflected in the company’s overall growth. In 2020, AURA was listed as the 125th fastest growing company in the United States by Inc Magazine. “This award is an important steppingstone for AURA as we move forward to have a positive impact on the world,” stated Ms. Bennett, who also leads AURA commercial and Covid-related work. “We have a heavy focus on bringing solutions that we generate for the defense community into the commercial community.”
AURA Technologies is a collective of Senior Technologists, Scientists and Business Experts working to solve challenges for the U.S. Government and commercial sector. Based out of Raleigh, NC, AURA is an innovator in research and a leader in the creation of ground-breaking technology solutions. AURA Technologies is helping the U.S. Department of Defense and the commercial sector envision a new future through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Manufacturing Environments & Data Exchanges, and Intelligent Microgrid Technologies.
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Source: AURA Technologies, LLC