Aukeyhome Announces Launch of CrispX – Revolutionary Smart Air Fryer + Grill Cooking Solution

Today, kitchen appliance specialists aukeyhome announced the launch of a revolutionary new smart air fryer with grill that lets users cook their favorite delicious foods crispy and healthy. The CrispX air fryer helps anyone create delicious cuisine in minutes. This exciting new kitchen helper is available now: [] 
Air fryers have changed the way people cook their daily meals. These small convection ovens circulate hot air to cook foods quickly and evenly and produce a crisp layer without the need for unhealthy oils or traditional pan frying methods. Until now, air fryers were limited to one type of cooking requiring other kitchen appliances to make other dishes. CrispX air fryer changes that. Its revolutionary design combines an air fryer and grill in one, giving home chefs the ultimate in cooking versatility. Users can now fry, roast, bake, toast, broil, rotisserie, and grill with the same machine, allowing them to easily handle all their cooking needs with one compact, user-friendly kitchen tool. Air frying makes steaks, fries, chicken wings, salmon and more, in a more healthy way. Using the included grill bowl, CrispX transforms into an instant tabletop grill that perfectly cooks meats, fish and vegetables in just minutes. 
“Busy people know how hard it can be to eat proper healthy meals. Between shopping, prep time and traditional cooking, many families find it difficult to eat right. The CrispX air fryer is a revolutionary way to cook that is faster and healthier. It cooks virtually all foods evenly, quickly and without the need to use unhealthy cooking oils. The results are incredible – fast meals that are cooked perfectly every time, in a healthy way that locks in flavor. But CrispX isn’t just an air fryer, it has a unique grill bowl for instant tabletop grilling that adds variety and flavor to home-cooked meals. This compact and convenient kitchen tool can handle all your cooking needs.” aukeyhome CEO Heaven Zhen
CrispX uses advanced thermal-cycling technology, which forms a vortex of hot air that cooks evenly and quickly. Cooking with air eliminates the need for unhealthy oils so fried food recipes can be enjoyed guilt-free. A specially ventilated basket allows the cooking air to surround the food at 360° to reach contact zones between food and heat more evenly on every side without the need to turn food over during the cooking process. CrispX also features a unique see-through glass cover made from FDA-certified, siliconized glass that withstands temps up to 530° so that the entire cooking process can be monitored and adjusted. This compact new air fryer uses a compact, modular design that saves space and replaces several other kitchen appliances so busy people can streamline cooking, free up countertops and create delicious dishes for the whole family.
The revolutionary CrispX Air Fryer + Grill is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more visit the campaign here: []
Source: aukeyhome