Attorney John Gomez Hosts Trial Files Podcast

Gomez Trial Attorneys announces that attorney John Gomez will host the podcast Trial Files, available on Apple and Spotify. This unique podcast is one in which “real personal injury survivors talk to their real personal injury lawyers.” The podcast features clients actually represented by Gomez Trial Attorneys.
“This podcast is really intended to be an educational resource for both personal injury victims and lawyers,” John Gomez explains. “Our clients talk about why they chose us, the recovery and litigation process, and provide tips for personal injury survivors. We think lawyers, too, can learn by hearing what matters most to survivors.”
There are lots of legal podcasts available. They almost all, however, feature only lawyers. John Gomez thinks that clients are the most important part of any case. Gomez Trial Attorneys, in turn, focuses first and foremost on the client experience and customer service.
Podcast episodes so far have included the victims of sexual harassment, brain injuries, and burn injuries. Several episodes feature cases that have gone all the way to trial. Many of the cases have received news coverage.
There are lots of lawyer options available for people who have suffered injuries. Trial Files is a valuable resource for people deciding who to hire and what to consider while making that choice.
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