Attn Grace founders in conversation with Nadya Okamoto

As a 22-year-old very passionate about breaking the stigma around menstruation, I talk a LOT about periods. However, something that I think about quite often (but don’t have the knowledge or experiences to take action on) is the lack of conversation about menopause and incontinence. If you think periods are stigmatized…think about how little we even know about or hear about menopause mentioned.

That’s why I was so excited when I connected with Attn: Grace, a personal care brand founded by two incredible women (who, by the way, are also an absolute power couple) that is now working to disrupt the incontinence (lack of control of one’s bladder and bowels) category. We’re working on some exciting collaborations together, so stay tuned!! @nadyaokamoto x @attngrace

Take a look at our conversation:

What is Attn: Grace?

Attn: Grace is the first sustainable wellness brand for women, by women, as we age. We’re on a mission to destigmatize aging, working to bring this vision to life with sustainably designed wellness products that are thoughtfully tailored to women’s changing needs. We’ve launched a collection of high performance body-and-earth-friendly liners, pads, briefs, and wipes that are designed for the 1-in-3 women who experience bladder leakage — a common condition that is rarely discussed and often shrouded in shame.

We’re disrupting a tired $9.5 billion incontinence category with the novel notion that we deserve a better way. We’re raising the bar on every front — superior product design, non-toxic ingredients, discreet customizable delivery, sustainable packaging, not to mention an elevated design aesthetic that makes stigmatized personal care feel more like wellness. Since launching in June 2020, thousands of women have responded enthusiastically to our products, brand, and mission, forming a community of vibrant, discerning, and values-driven women that are excited to see themselves reflected in a brand like Attn: Grace.

What inspired you to start the business? Do you consider yourself to be in the period product space?

Mia: I previously founded a childrens’ apparel brand, morgan & milo, and together with Alex, we have 4 kids. The idea for Attn: Grace came from working in and personally living in a world tailored to the values and convenience that parents (historically led by moms) demand. Every month Alex and I had the rewarding experience of opening our home-delivered subscription of beautifully designed, sustainably minded diapers and products. And at the same time, in stark contrast, there was my mother — an incredibly refined, elegant 89 year old, struggling to manage her bladder leakage with a mix of utilitarian products that in no way matched who she was or what she valued. It all felt really archaic and unevolved, and I felt really strongly that there had to be a better way.

We started researching the space and even went to industry conferences. We were shocked to find out that, within the industry, the aisle where you buy incontinence products at your local drugstore is literally called the “aisle of death”. No wonder we weren’t seeing more thoughtful advancements in this space with such a dehumanizing attitude and approach. We have to do better. Women don’t see themselves in the “aisle of death”, and I don’t blame them. The personal care category for older women is anything but personal, and we’re here to change that. Our needs have changed, but our standards have not. In fact, for many of us, the bar has been raised. We deserve rewarding, sustainable, beautifully designed wellness solutions.