Asylon Robotics Set to Unveil New Security Robotics Capabilities With DroneDog

Asylon, Inc., the only full-service American robotic perimeter security company, is set to demonstrate DroneDog live on December 15. During the demonstration, two guests will have complete control over the DroneDog — physically located in Norristown, Pennsylvania —without leaving their respective offices around the country.
Earlier this year, Asylon partnered with Boston Dynamics, creators of the Spot quadruped unmanned ground vehicle (Q-UGV), to create the DroneDog system. Boston Dynamics has focused on creating robots with advanced mobility for 30 years and their Spot robot has been purposefully designed to be a platform. The complete DroneDog system includes additional hardware and software components that are set to be unveiled during the event.
The hardware and software Asylon developed enable capabilities that include live video monitoring, teleoperation, 20x optical zoom, infrared (thermal) vision for nighttime operations, and automated charging for a set-and-forget system. And, while most ground robots run on wheels or tracks, DroneDog’s leg design allows it to travel over uneven and unpredictable terrain with organic, life-like motion. Organizations can even have multiple DroneDogs working in combination to employ an automated security task force to guard their locations 24/7.
This release comes as more companies are using robotics to automate various processes within their organizations. According to an article released by Robotics World, robot sales in North America rose 67% year-over-year in Q3 2021. And, in reference to an International Data Commission (IDC) report, over 40% of non-manufacturing companies polled plan to use robots in their operations for things like security.
Asylon’s flagship product, released in 2016, is an automated drone system that’s used by companies like Ford Motor Co. and FedEx. Having completed nearly 20,000 automated drone security missions within the commercial and government sector, Asylon has taken the experience gained in building automated flying robots to the ground with this new DroneDog platform.
Michael Quiroga, Chief Revenue Officer, said “years ago, we recognized that the air and ground robotic combination would be the greatest value-add for our security customers. The addition of the DroneDog unlocks an entirely new category of robotic capability. We’re excited to say that the years of technology evaluation and R&D have brought us to this moment here and, for those in the security space, this is absolutely a gamechanger.”
The DroneDog is set to prove helpful in various industries in the commercial and government sector because it automates observe and report security patrols, detects anomalies that require a response, and prepares response teams for potentially dangerous situations. This evolution in security practices does not discount the valuable observe and report capabilities a traditional security officer offers but instead can be used to augment services, offering a multi-domain security perspective.
“Technology is a tool to either solve problems or create value. For a new product to truly matter, there has to be a problem in the first place or some significant capability to add,” Ryan Hodgens, Director of Marketing said. “Through Asylon’s customer-centric approach to building technology and capability, I’m confident the DroneDog will have a major impact for the security industry by both addressing critical staffing issues and by increasing the capability of the security operations center.”
Asylon is the only full-service robotic team that uses drones, robots, software, and A.I. to make companies more secure. With the worldwide security robots market expected to reach $4 billion by 2027, Asylon aims to give customers automated operations that increase site safety while unlocking massive capabilities.
To learn more, register for the live demonstration on December 15 at the link provided here.
About Asylon: Asylon Inc. is a Philadelphia-based, American-made robotic perimeter security company founded with the mission to modernize traditionally inefficient security practices. By providing customers with the most advanced robotic security technology, Asylon helps to ensure that both government and private-sector companies can protect their people, assets, and profits against threats. The Asylon team comprises industry-leading experts with backgrounds from Lockheed Martin, L3 Communications, Boeing Aerospace, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, UTC, Intelligent Drone Systems, WhiteFox Defense Technologies, United States Air Force Security, and MIT.
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