ASTPP Announced Vicidial Hosting Europe as Platinum Contributor

ASTPP is renowned name in the VoIP industry. It is an open source FreeSWITCH billing solution. It is managed by an Indian IT company. Due to increasing competition and required expectations of the ASTPP business users, the community leaders had launched a crowdfunding campaign for this open source VoIP billing software. The community leader had announced to benefit the contributors of the ASTPP Crowdfunding Campaign with some alluring rewards. The community has started rewarding its contributors with various perks. Recently, the spokesperson of the community has announced the name of its platinum contributor which is “Vicidial Hosting Europe GmbH & Co KG”.

About Vicidial Hosting Europe GmbH & Co KG
This company works on the SaaS business model to cater its customers with the call center services. The company is situated in Germany, Europe and provides turnkey services to its customers in Europe. The company has an interesting business model in favor of the customer which makes its services highly affordable. Moreover, its data center in Germany and its architecture provides highly available call center services along with the highest level of security. The company offers a bundle of services to inbound and outbound call center to make sure the call centers have everything needed in order to run the call center business:

• Predictive dialer
• Power dialer
• Web dialer
• Call center solution
• Dialer telephone system
• Data backup
• Softphone
• Laptop
• Plantornics headset

The Vicidial Hosting Europe GmbH & Co KG had been using another open source billing solution which is developed in Asterisk, but the company was facing certain challenges. Before a year, the company switched to the ASTPP: Open Source VoIP Billing Solution and according to the comments shared by the spokesperson of the Vicidial Hosting Europe GmbH & Co KG, the company is really happy with the wide array of features offered by the ASTPP as well as its scalable nature which provides easier scalability solution.

It is an open source VoIP billing software, which is developed in FreeSWITCH. The solution is available for free. It is compatible with any FreeSWITCH based solution.

The open source VoIP billing solution is running a campaign to reward its recent crowdfunding campaign contributors. The Vicidial Hosting Europe GmbH & Co KG company is one of the platinum contributors and the company will be rewarded with some really interesting perks as listed below:

1. A featured post on the official website of ASTPP: VoIP Billing Solution
2. Special mention in upcoming release of ASTPP
3. A featured post on social media
4. A featured mention on the crowdfunding contributor page on ASTPP website
5. Priority bug fixing services
6. Free support service worth 300 USD
7. Free training of upcoming version of ASTPP by its makers

The community has shared a featured Blog of this Germany based company in the Blog section of ASTPP website. To access the complete featured post, visit