ASTPP Announced to Work Remotely due to COVID 19

On this occasion, the spokesperson of the community announced that the threat of COVID 19 is increasing like anything. Thus, by keeping the safety of everyone in mind, the community has given the “Remote Work” option to the official team of ASTPP experts.

ASTPP is an open source smart VoIP solution that is now also available as an enterprise smart telephony software. The latest version of ASTPP is ASTPP 4. According to the shared details, more than 10,000 businesses all across the world use ASTPP 4 or its earlier versions. To cater to these customers as well as open source community of this open source VoIP solution, the team of ASTPP experts works round the clock. The headquarter of this smart telephony system is in India. Within a week, there are more than 400 cases registered in India and 8 deaths due to COVID 19. Thus, the government of India has announced lockdown in many states. Also, the companies and organizations are taking steps of safety for their team and of course society.

ASTPP community leader, Mr. Samir Doshi, announced the lockdown of the physical office of ASTPP on Monday, 23 March 2020. The office of the ASTPP headquarter will stay closed for an uncertain period. However, the work will not stop.

“We have shut down our office and the team ASTPP will no longer come to the office until the next statement released by us. This step is taken to take care of the health of our team as well as restrict the spread of the world novel Coronavirus. At the moment, many projects are going on such as giving demos to the European companies who have shown interest in ASTPP 4, mobile SIP dialer, PC dialer, etc; development of the next version release of ASTPP; and support for the ASTPP enterprise version users. Thus, we are definitely not going to stop work. The team will work as per the norms. The only change is they will work from home”, shared spokesperson of the community.

As per the shared details, the community will use ASTPP 4 itself to support a remote work environment. For example, the multi tenant IP PBX solution add-on will be used for the communication of the internal and external teams. The fraud detection add-on will be used to secure the network.

The community leaders decided of shutting down offices on Friday, 20 March 2020 and imposed clear Remote Work policies to assure the teamwork productively and provide the required support as well as stay safe during this pandemic.

It is an open source smart telephony platform. As an open source VoIP billing software solution, it has catered to thousands of businesses and now it is benefiting world VoIP industry with its smart features and add-ons. It is a multilingual solution and supports all major world languages. ASTPP 4 is also available as an enterprise solution. It also offers premium solutions, namely, white label mobile SIP dialer and white label PC dialer. To know more about ASTPP 4, please visit