ASTPP Announced to Offer Different Reports to Benefits ITSPs

ASTPP is regarded as a smart VoIP solution in the VoIP industry. After catering to the VoIP businesses as an open source VoIP billing solution, ASTPP has launched smart telephony platform. ASTPP is available as open source and enterprise solution. To empower its users, ASTPP comes with different features and add-ons. Recently, spokesperson of the ASTPP community has announced that ASTPP 4 users will get value added reports.

As per the shared details, these reports are available as an inbuilt feature in the core solution as well as in the form of enterprise add-ons. These reports are developed to meet the different needs of ITSP businesses.

“In any business, reports give insight related to performance. Thus, it is necessary for businesses to use reports to measure and improve performance. In the VoIP industry, reports are even more important as a large volume of customers and system usage need to be measured. ASTPP has been catering to VoIP businesses for more than 16 years. Thus, we have noticed the needs of different reports. Based on these years of experience, we have built ASTPP 4: smart telephony platform. We have included different reports. These reports are built specifically to benefit ITSPs”, shared spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, these reports are divided into two categories:

1. Add-ons and
2. Standard reports
The spokesperson of the company shared more details on both types of reports. These details are recited below:

1. Add-on based reports

As per the shared details, ASTPP 4 offers two enterprise add-ons to generate and send automatic reports.
1. Scheduled reports: Admin or reseller can create different reports using different filters. Moreover, the admin can define the interval at which reports will be sent to the predefined email addresses. These reports can also be exported in the CSV format.

2. Country reports: As the name suggests, this add-on generates graphical reports for different countries. These reports can be generated using different filters for country reports. Furthermore, there are some parameters, which generate these reports such as call cost, call minutes, calls, etc. These reports can also be exported in the CSV format.

2. Standard reports

The spokesperson of ASTPP community announced that all ASTPP 4 users will get access to defined standard reports. It means open source and enterprise version users will have access to these reports. The standard reports offer a wide range of reports to the users such as:

• Summary reports
• Live call reports
• Product usage reports
• Commission reports
• Email history report
• Payment information report
• And more

It is a renowned open source VoIP solution. After the launch of ASTPP 4, the enterprise version of ASTPP is also available. The enterprise solution gives access to more solutions and features of ASTPP. ASTPP has different add-ons to offer along with some advanced features and functionalities. For more than 16 years, ASTPP has been catering to its global customers. To explore all features and add-ons, visit