ASTPP Announced to Look for Partnership Opportunities at CC Expo

ASTPP community leaders had announced that they will be participating in the Call and Contact Centre Expo 2020 as one of the exhibitors. Recently, the spokesperson of the community announced that the representatives of ASTPP will be looking for partnership opportunities at this expo.

Expo Name: Call and Contact Centre Expo, also known as CC Expo
Booth Number: 1961
Expo Dates: 18 March and 19 March 2020
Venue: ExCel London

ASTPP community leaders have invested in booking a stand at this one of the largest European Expos and they will be exhibiting ASTPP 4 over there. The community leaders will exhibit, both, open source and enterprise versions of ASTPP at this Expo.

As per the shared details, ASTPP has been serving in the industry as a VoIP billing solution for more than 16 years. Last year, the community had launched ASTPP 4 which is a smart telephony solution. It still has all features it had of class 4 Softswitch and VoIP billing solutions in its earlier versions. Moreover, there are many more smart features and VoIP software solutions added to this system. The community has also launched the enterprise version along with its open source version. Thus, community leaders are willing to generate more awareness about this smart VoIP solution.

As per the recent announcement, the community representatives will be looking for partnership opportunities during their participation in the Call and Contact Centre Expo. They are willing to generate more awareness about being an active member and contributor to an open source solution so they can add more community members to the ASTPP. They are also looking for channel partners and affiliates in different European regions and other parts of the world. The community leaders will be focusing on enticing people to join or connect with ASTPP either as a buyer or as a community member or as a channel partner.

“We are excited about the Call and Contact Centre Expo and being an exhibitor that. After the launch of ASTPP 4: A Smart TelePhony Platform, it will be our first participation in an international expo. We are excited to showcase the power of ASTPP 4 and show them how it can change the whole way people operate in the VoIP based telecommunication industry. Of course, we are going to get a good stage there, but we need more people to reach larger audiences all across the world to educate people about ASTPP 4 and its real power. Thus, we are looking for people who are interested in being our partner. We also have some more partnership programs. For example, a termination partnership is one of the channel partnership programs we have for interested people. In a nutshell, there is a lot more we can do with partnership opportunities”, shared spokesperson of the community.

It is one of the leading open source VoIP solutions. It is in use by more than 10,000 businesses to cater to its customers. The latest version of this solution is a smart telephony platform. The community leaders will be on a business trip to London from 16 to 22 March 2020. The community will exhibit at CC Expo from booth 1961. To know more about ASTPP 4, please visit