ASTPP Announced to Exhibit ASTPP Enterprise Version in CC Expo

ASTPP community announced that the community leaders will participate in the Call and Contact Centre Expo. The community leaders have booked a stall in this expo, which is stall number 1961. Recently, the community leaders have announced that they will exhibit ASTPP enterprise version during their participation in Call and Contact Centre Expo, which is also popularly known as CC Expo 2020.

ASTPP leaders will be on a business trip from 16 March to 22 March in London. On 18 March and 19 March, they will participate in CC Expo, which will be conducted at ExCel London. From booth number 1961, the ASTPP community leaders will exhibit ASTPP 4 and its different offerings. One of the offerings which will be exhibited by ASTPP community leaders is the enterprise version of ASTPP 4.

About ASTPP Enterprise Version
It is an enterprise version of ASTPP, which is a smart telephony platform. It has some add-ons and features which are not made available to the users of open source version of this smart VoIP solution. Below is the list of additional add-ons which are available in ASTPP 4.0.1 enterprise version along with all other add-ons which are available to open source ASTPP solution users:

• ACL Management
• Alarm
• Country report
• Custom rates
• Schedule report
• Fax over internet protocol (FoIP)
• Fraud detection
• Multi tenant IP PBX
• Ported number

ASTPP 4 is available in two different models as listed below:
1. ASTPP Managed Services
2. ASTPP Self Hosting

About the Call and Contact Centre Expo 2020
It is one of the leading expos for Call and Contact Centre users. It will be conducted the second time in London on 18 and 19 March 2020. There will be more than 500 exhibitors, more than 250 seminars and 25 Masterclasses.

“We are excited to be part of the CC Expo. We will be in London from 16 to 22 March. On 18 and 19 March, we will be at this expo. We want to generate awareness about using the enterprise version of this smart VoIP solution, called, ASTPP 4.0. The enterprise version provides more features and add-ons and opens doors to premium services provided by the official team of ASTPP experts. The enterprise version helps our customers to gain more competitive benefits and it helps us to get funds and resources which can be invested in the growth and development of ASTPP 4. We are looking forward to use this opportunity in favour of the community, community members, and ASTPP itself”, shared Samir Doshi, Community leader ASTPP.

ASTPP stands for A Smart TelePhony Platform. It has been in the industry for almost 16 years. It was catering to its users as an open source VoIP billing solution. In 2019, the community leaders launched the latest version of ASTPP which transformed open source VoIP billing software into a smart telephony solution, which is also known as a smart VoIP solution. ASTPP 4 is available in open source and enterprise versions. To know more about the ASTPP enterprise version, please visit