ASTPP Announced Support Tickets Add-on Benefits Businesses

ASTPP 4 is a smart VoIP solution. It has core features and functionalities to offer a smart telephony platform to its users. Moreover, it offers several add-ons to its users. Some of these add-ons are community ones and some of them are enterprise ones. One of the community add-ons made available by ASTPP 4 is “Support Tickets”. The spokesperson of the community announced that this add-on benefits business by providing a comprehensive help desk ticketing solution.

It provides a highly feature rich help desk supporting ticket solution to the users. It has a wide array of features to benefit its users. Below is the list of the major features available in this add-on:

• Department management
• Email notification
• Support ticket management, which can be department wise or reseller based
• And more

As per the shared details, “Support Tickets” add-on lets businesses create multiple departments so the tickets can be assigned to a specific department. It also allows assigning all tickets to a reseller if the tickets raised by the customers are related to a specific reseller.

This ASTPP add-on also lets customers raise the support request by opening the ticket from the customer portal itself. It also has the ability to send email notifications for better support ticket management.

As mentioned earlier, it is a community add-on, which means it is available to both, open source and enterprise version users. It is very easy to add this add-on to the ASTPP 4 system. An admin just needs to install it from the add-on library available to the ASTPP users. With a single click, this add-on and all its features will be made available to the user.

This add-on is really beneficial to the businesses that offered VoIP services. It lets manage support requests of the customers within the same software which lets providers run their service business. This helps in achieving multiple benefits such as:

• Easy management
• A simplified way of support request handling
• Reduced efforts on managing two different solutions
• Reduced efforts on multiple vendor management
• Saved time
• Saved money
• Streamlined processes
• Better resource utilization
• Increased customer satisfaction and
• Improved productivity

“All VoIP businesses offering VoIP services to their customers offer technical support services. Generally, a help desk ticketing solution is used for that. The software to run a business would be different and a solution to manage support requests would be different in this scenario. There are many complications in this kind of arrangement. With the ASTPP 4, the providers get “Support Tickets” add-on which is a full fledged ticketing system. They do not need to invest in acquiring and maintaining a third party system. It is available with this solution itself”, shared spokesperson of the ASTPP community.

It is an open source VoIP solution. In 2019, it got transformed from a VoIP billing software to a smart telephony platform. It has multiple add-ons to provide value added features and functionalities to its users. ASTPP is also available in the enterprise version. To know more about the ASTPP 4, please visit