ASTPP Announced London Business Trip Is Postponed

ASTPP community leader has announced that the business trip to London is cancelled at the moment and it is postponed till September. The reason behind the cancellation of this trip is increasing risk of getting infected by Coronavirus.

ASTPP had earlier announced that the community leaders, Mr. Arpit Modi and Mr. Samir Doshi, will visit London from 16 to 22 March 2020. The community leaders had booked a stand at one of the leading European Expos, namely, Call and Contact Centre Expo. The Expo was scheduled on 18 and 19 March 2020. However, due to increasing cases of COVID 19, the official team of Call and Contact Centre Expo, also known as CC Expo, has postponed this Expo till September 2020. Now, this expo will take place on 15 and 16 Sep 2020.

“We had scheduled a business trip to London as we have booked booth number 1961 at CC expo. The UK government has restricted mass gathering and because of that CC Expo is postponed. Furthermore, many countries have started closing their borders for tourists due to the Corona effect and the rest may close the borders soon. And of course, we cannot ignore the deadly effect of Corona so safety precautions need to be taken. Thus, we have cancelled our business trip to London as of now”, shared spokesperson of the community.

As per the shared details, the community leaders had scheduled some meetings with the existing customers and users of ASTPP to discuss more about the ASTPP enterprise version and its personalized benefits. The community leaders had also discussed about the affiliation and partnership opportunities with the customers, prospects, and community members. Furthermore, they had arranged a get together in a local café with the existing community members to show gratitude about their contribution and take their suggestions and comments about the latest version of ASTPP which is A Smart TelePhony Platform instead of being just an open source VoIP billing solution.

“Yes, we had scheduled multiple meetings with our customers and prospects during our business trip to London. However, we will not be able to continue with that schedule. Also, we are not planning to visit London in a nearer future. Now, we are most likely to visit London in September when the Call and Contact Centre Expo will take place.

However, it is not possible to keep all meetings on hold until then. Thus, we will take online meetings. We will also give a demo of ASTPP 4, its add-ons and our premium solutions, namely, mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer to the respective professionals who have shown interest in knowing more about it”, shared spokesperson of the community.

The community leader has advised people to stay safe during the pandemic by taking the required precautions and supporting the government.

It is a smart VoIP solution. It has been catering to the users for more than 16 years as an open source VoIP billing solution. In 2019, it is transformed into a smart telephony solution. The enterprise version of this smart VoIP solution is also available to the customers and the enterprise version users will get the advantage of using support services from the ASTPP experts. To know more about ASTPP, please visit