Asteriskservice Introduces Web Conferencing Solution for IT Sector

Asterisk Service, a unit of VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced custom designed web conferencing solution for the IT sector keeping in mind the unique needs of this industry. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said that the conferencing solution facilitates work and speeds up project execution besides being an invaluable service tool for the IT industry. 

Asterisk Service web conferencing solution is ideal for the IT sector in different ways. It becomes the crucial communication and data exchange link. Elaborating on this the VP said that it is common for IT sector to have development teams and individuals in different locations working on a project for a client who is in yet another location. Most IT companies follow the agile development process in which it becomes necessary for everyone in the project to stay in touch constantly. The web conferencing solution with its audio and video facility and document sharing as well as presentation mode is tailor made for such situations. IT staff can exchange code on which they have worked, put it together and test it while the participants in the ongoing conference can view what is going on. Each one can take notes and discuss matters in detail. Even the client may participate in the process. This feature immeasurably speeds up project development. In an industry where time is money Asteriskservice web conferencing more than pays for itself. 

Then there is another perspective in which Asteriskservice conferencing software can play a crucial role. IT always evolves and employees must keep themselves updated about the latest technological evolutions through training. The conferencing system can become a platform for training sessions that can be conducted from one location for employees across the world. 

The IT industry must also provide ongoing services. Troubleshooting issues or showing users how to use features of the software would normally involve phone support or personal visit of support personnel. The web conferencing system does away with shortcomings of both types of support and proves to be an invaluable support tool. Support agent can actually show the screen and provide step by step guide in the video conference mode which method is far better than phone support. Some IT segments specialize in and focus exclusively on providing support. Asteriskservice conferencing system is just perfect for them to deliver excellent customer services. Support can be made available through mobile phones at any time and from anywhere. Customers do not like having to wait since their work can be held up. Web conferencing provides fast access and fast resolution. 

Unlike physical meetings that are difficult to record the online virtual meetings can be recorded and participants may refer to the recording or the recording may be used for quality assessment purposes. It helps in analytics leading to improvements across the board. 

Asterisk Service’s conferencing software for IT, concluded the VP, is an investment with fast payback, backed by the company’s top notch support. 

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