Asterisk Announce SBC for Securing VoIP Network from Malware Attacks

“We always keep our finger on the pulse of threats that modern VoIP networks face and have incorporated the best in class countermeasures to thwart any attempts at breaching security. Our focus is on malware threat that can disrupt networks and cause denial of service resulting in communication chaos. Asterisk Service session border controller has tighter and more rigorous controls and plenty of Artificial Intelligence sewn in. What this means is that a malware threat is not just blocked; the smart system can actually identify patterns based on machine learning and recognize such intrusive probes early on and alert system administrators,” said the VP introducing the SBC security features. Asterisk is leaning towards the virtual SBC model given the wider deployment of cloud and hosted service models that are becoming so popular. Given this scenario, Asterisk Service SBC provides a perfect fit for VoIP service providers and carriers. .

Malware can tunnel in and then control the signaling protocol in what is commonly known as phbreaking. It is simple theft of service and identity that can cause revenue and reputation loss. Then again, VoIP means packets traveling over the internet highway which are vulnerable to sniffing and hi jacking and the IP layer itself is susceptible to eavesdropping that can divert sensitive phone numbers, passwords and even billing information.

Most business conversations need absolute security that is lacking in a firewall but one that SBC Solution covers admirably with its topology hiding feature. Another threat is voice spamming, which is likely to rise in the future and Vishing, the VoIP form of Phishing, is also likely to become a greater threat. Asterisk Service SBC sits outside the firewall and takes down any and all such attempts with its smarter AI technologies integrated into the framework. For example, hackers may launch SIP password guessing attacks in a variety of ways. Our SBC recognizes such attempts and neutralizes the source. VoIP service providers can focus on running their operations instead of worrying about malware tunneling into their system and holding them to ransom.

In conclusion he said, “Asterisk Service is fully committed to support VoIP service providers and telecom carriers. Our SBC is an advanced hosted solution also available as an on-premise package that can be tailored to provide the tightest, impregnable security.”

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