Assured Assisted Living Releases Helpful Guide Called “Could It Be Alzheimer’s?”

Sheryl feels that this guide would assist people suffering from various types of dementia disorders, especially those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States and also their family members, along with caregivers. She points out that nearly four million Americans are patients with this terrible disease. She further states that one person in ten over the age of 65 is having Alzheimer’s disease, while the ratio is as high as one out of two for persons above the age of 85.

Sheryl brings to light the key facts about Alzheimer’s disease in this guide. Sheryl has been operating three assisted living Parker homes and four assisted living Castle Rock homes so that people suffering from various types of memory impairment disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, disorientation, memory loss, stroke, etc. She stresses that the first step in handling persons diagnosed from Alzheimer’s disease and their family members is to dispel or mitigate the doubts, fears, and confusions that they experience on hearing such devastating news.

In this guide, Sheryl mentions the following warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease, though she cautions that similar symptoms could result from other issues like abuse of alcohol and drugs, reactions to medications, etc.

– Difficulty in making calculations
– Difficulty with common tasks
– Disorientation
– Language problems
– Loss of drive or loss of interest in routine activities
– Memory loss
– Misplacing things
– Mood Swings
– Personality Change
– Poor grooming
– Poor judgment
– Repetition

Sheryl mentions in this guide, “Could It Be Alzheimer’s?” that the current diagnostic procedures are based on physical testing, neuropsychological testing, medical judgment of the doctor, and inputs from caregivers. However, in her opinion, new diagnostic tools as well as fresh criteria in determination of Alzheimer’s disease has helped in positive clinical diagnosis of this deadly disease with around 90% accuracy, an enormous increase from past. Sheryl also lists the standard exams and evaluations used generally in the process of diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in this guide.

– Lab tests
– Medical history
– Mental status evaluation
– Neurological examination
– Neuropsychological evaluation
– Psychiatric evaluation
– Physical examination

This guide, “Could It Be Alzheimer’s?” by Sheryl Thompson, owner of Assured Assisted Living Parker homes and Assured Assisted Living Castle Rock homes should prove invaluable to people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and their family members in handling the situation and providing solace and mental peace to the patients.

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