AssetWorks Launches Recoup Promote, First Marketing Management Software to Help Organizations Redistribute Property and Generate Revenue While Protecting the Environment

AssetWorks, a veteran provider of innovative asset management technology, today announces the release of Recoup Promote, the first-ever marketing management software for public and higher education surplus. The solution is designed to help public agencies and institutions of higher education align fiscal, operational and sustainability goals through the advertisement and sale of surplus property.  
Recoup Promote is a complete enterprise-grade marketing management solution for state, local and county governments as well as colleges and universities charged with finding alternatives to the disposal of fixed assets. Promote advertises surplus inventory online in real-time. Eligible buyers can search and filter inventory, view photos, and get full item details from a customized online surplus store. Listing data comes directly from the same asset management system staff uses, improving communication and preventing errors.
For current surplus operations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Recoup Promote offers an effective, simplified means of transitioning in-person, time-intensive or manual processes online. The solution is currently in use by multiple state surplus agencies and leading private and public universities.
“Promote is an entirely new way to engage partners and the community in reusing, repurposing, or replacing items such as vehicles, furniture, and IT equipment,” says Dean Hebert, General Manager of AssetWorks USA Fixed Assets division. “We’ve gone beyond inventory and surplus management. The National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property (NASASP) estimates that federal surplus alone saves American taxpayers over $100 million annually. Imagine how much more could be saved with modern automation and marketing tools. We’re excited to partner with the industry and find out.”
Features and benefits of Recoup Promote include:
Recoup Promote is now available. For more information and to request a demo, visit
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Source: AssetWorks USA