Asset Vue and Entigral Systems, Inc. Announce Merger to Create Industry-Leading Asset Management Platform

Asset Vue, LLC, a leading provider of asset management solutions, and Entigral Systems, Inc., a thought leader in sensor automation and smart manufacturing helping companies maximize ROI from their investment in RFID, announced today that they have merged to create a powerful platform that will revolutionize the way companies manage and track their assets.
The merger will combine Asset Vue’s expertise in IT Asset management and industry-leading real-time tracking solutions with Entigral Systems’ experience in Custom RFID solutions to provide customers with a comprehensive and integrated asset management solution. The new platform will allow companies to more effectively track and manage all of their assets, from initial acquisition to retirement, and provide real-time data and analytics to optimize asset performance.
“We are thrilled to join forces with Entigral Systems to create a truly innovative asset management platform,” said Sean Cotter, Managing Partner of Asset Vue. “Our companies share a common vision for the future of asset management and this merger will allow us to deliver that vision to our customers.”
“This merger will allow us to offer our customers a more comprehensive solution that will enable them to improve their asset management processes,” said L. Allen Bennett, President of Entigral Systems. “Asset Vue understands the challenges of sensor-based technology and plans on utilizing Entigral’s deep understanding of the technology to expand their company’s offering and markets.”
The merger is effective immediately and is already producing results for our combined customers.
About Asset Vue: Asset Vue is a leading provider of IT asset management solutions, offering a range of products and services to help companies effectively track and maintain their assets. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in West Chester, PA.
About Entigral Systems: A proven thought leader, Entigral’s introduction of RFID solutions into its client’s industrial environments brought many early adopters to the technology. These new implementations presented a substantial learning curve. The company learned from, then leveraged, this RFID and industrial sensor knowledge to develop these efforts, resulting in the development of TraxWare® an industry-leading software platform that delivers asset tracking and operational efficiencies in industrial environments. Entigral was founded in 2003.
Source: Asset Vue, Llc