Assemble, the #1 Flexible Talent Matching Platform, Rebrands to FlexTal™

Assemble, a Michigan-based online platform matching elite freelancers across all disciplines with companies in need of part-time, full-time or project talent, announced today that they are now FlexTal™, representing the shift in the way people work. 
“The world we live in today is vastly different from even just a year ago. From how we order our groceries down to how we interact, everything has completely changed, and the world of work was not immune to this shift, either. As the workplace changed, our team and platform had to transform along with it. So did our name,” said Danny Beckett Jr., Founder and CEO of FlexTal™.
In 2020, organizations worldwide were forced to let millions of workers go – or at least go home – and the workforce as a whole was changed forever. As a result, business leaders had to learn how to work with smaller, core teams and be scrappy about finding talent to help fill skill gaps. All of this was happening at the same time as a global digital transformation. 
“When things change, humans don’t try to go ‘back to normal,’ the best people innovate and adapt. This same shift has happened within the talent marker,” said Danny Beckett Jr., Founder and CEO of FlexTal™.
Suddenly, contract talent was being sourced by organizations small and large across the world – as a way to staff up quickly and cost-efficiently. The term “flexibility,” born from remote work and the idea of a flexible schedule rather than rigid hours, is front and center as workers seek a better work-life balance. The way people understood a workweek permanently changed within just a few months. 
“As we transitioned along with the market, we wanted these shifts to be better reflected in our brand. Flexibility is at the core of what we do, even within our own team: we ‘Flex.’ We’re also a talent-focused company: we want our flexible talent (contractors) to participate in work that is satisfying, dependable, flexible, and improves their lives. ‘Tal” is a nod to our commitment to our network of Talent. FlexTal™ – it’s who we are,” said Danny Beckett Jr., Founder and CEO of FlexTal™. 
We are thrilled to continue to match organizations with elite flexible talent as FlexTal™, the #1 flexible talent matching platform. 
About FlexTal™: FlexTal is the #1 flexible talent matching platform leading the future of work. A fully remote company, they match organizations small and large with elite independent contractors for flexible hourly and project-based engagements. Through their platform, FlexTal is giving organizations and independent workers everywhere the ability to achieve work faster and easier than ever before.
To learn more, visit FlexTal at (www.Flextal.Work)
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Joey Pomerenke
Source: FlexTal