ASICS Announces New GEL-KAYANO ACE Colorways

ASICS® a leader in golf performance footwear, is set to introduce new colorways for the GEL-KAYANO™ ACE in North America this spring. 
Built with inspiration from widely acclaimed ASICS running shoes, ASICS golf shoes bring the same key qualities of comfort and flexibility to the golf course. 
“We’ve been fortunate to have a strong partnership with ASICS for many years now,” said Ryan Polanco, General Manager at ASICS North America. “Their history of providing high-quality performance footwear is well documented, and we’re excited to be able to introduce exciting new colorway options in the popular GEL-KAYANO ACE to our U.S. market. It’s a great shoe that has proven technology placed in all the key areas so golfers can enjoy their rounds even more.” 
The GEL-KAYANO ACE is a spikeless, waterproof golf shoe offering comfort with every move. The lightweight frame work and flexibility of the GEL-KAYANO ACE is aided by ASICS FlyteFoam Technology, providing lightweight shock absorption and plenty of support. An improved upper mesh and PU film coating help keep golfers’ feet dry in wet conditions while its TPU Heel Cradle helps maintain stability while walking and throughout the swing. 
A men’s wide shoe offering will be available for the GEL-KAYANO ACE in two color options: Glacier Grey/Pure Silver and White/White. 
In addition to the new GEL-KAYANO ACE colorways, ASICS is set to release new color options for the GEL-COURSE GLIDE and a brand-new shoe offering in the GEL-PRESHOT. The GEL-PRESHOT is a spikeless, waterproof golf shoe that offers players stability while walking and throughout the swing while, simultaneously, ASICS Gel Technology increases shock absorption for maximum comfort under the heel. 
GEL-KAYANO ACE Key Technologies:
Retail Information and Pricing
Pricing: Men’s: $169.99
Sizing: Men’s: 7-12, 13, 14 / Men’s Wide Sizes: 8-12, 13,14
Colors: Men’s: White/Neon Lime, Black/Black, Glacier Grey/Pure Silver, White/Midnight, and White/White. Wide color options include Glacier Grey/Pure Silver and White/White. 
Pricing: Men’s: $99.99 / Women’s: $99.99
Sizing: Men’s: 7-12, 13, 14 / Women’s: 6-10
Colors: Men’s: White/Midnight, Black/Carrier Grey, Sheet Rock/Slate Grey, and Glacier Grey/Neon Lime / Women’s: Glacier Grey/Aquarium, Glacier Grey/Pure Silver, and Light Steel/Grand Shark
Pricing: $119.99 
Sizing: Men’s 7-12, 13, 14
Colors: Men’s: White/White, Black/Black, Piedmont Grey/Grand Shark
U.S. Launch Date:
GEL-PRESHOT: Available Spring 2023
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Source: ASICS