AshMax: How I made $3000 in 8wks

Top team leader Russ Howe speaks about the drive which helped him to establish a $3000+ income with AshMax in only two months. The AshMax system is a proven system to build your Global Domains International & Freeway To Success downlines, and Russ was able to use the systme to maximum effect to achieve GDI World #2 affiliate within just three days aswell as go onto become a four-figure online earner. We’ve seen many, many people trying to make money online and not succeeding (including in AshMax). The best way to approach a business is the same way you’d approach your own business in the real world. A no-excuse mentality is what it takes to succeed. You can reach Russ and the AshMax team at; “LIKE” Russ on facebook to receive free tips and helpful advice to build your downline via facebook each week

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