As Hurricane Ida Lashes the Louisiana Coast, Tree Service Experts Bring Relief Work

Florida tree service specialists, SB Tree Service, are joining the fight to help Hurricane Ida, a Category 4 storm that grew into one of the most powerful systems to assault the region since Hurricane Katrina.
SB Tree Service manager Angel Vanburger commented: “As a Florida resident, we are not strangers to hurricanes. We know what it’s like to have fallen trees, power outages, and how hard it is to get help. That’s why our SB Tree service crew began an overnight trip to being assistance to residents and businesses along the southeast of Louisiana.”
Ida had winds of 150 mph as of 10 a.m. CDT on Sunday, making it a high-end Category 4 hurricane. Maximum sustained winds in Ida increased by 65 mph in the 24 hours ending 10 a.m. CDT, which easily meets the criteria for the rapid intensification of a tropical cyclone.
SB Tree Service is a full-spectrum tree management agency, with a selection of maintenance services, from trimming and tree removal to storm debris work for residential and commercial properties. Usually, this work takes place in Volusia County, FL but, as recently as 2018, the company was in North Carolina and Panama City, helping with Hurricane Florence and Michael, respectively. 
“We’ll be responding to reports of storms and hurricane damage, maybe moving North as things develop,” said Vanburger. “We’re encouraging homes and businesses where trees have been damaged, brought down, are hanging onto power lines, or otherwise need servicing to reach out to us as soon as possible.”
The trajectory and strength of Ida will present a high-stakes test of the 350 miles of levees, flood walls, pumps and gates that were built up around New Orleans as added storm protection after Katrina in 2005.
Sunday is the 16th anniversary of Katrina’s landfall, and Ida’s path was stirring painful reminders of the death and devastation that the 2005 storm wrought, leaving psychological scars that still run deep in the city. The storm killed 1,833 people, inflicted more than $100 billion in damage, and submerged large stretches of New Orleans, leading to scenes of suffering that horrified the nation.
Licensed and insured for liability and worker’s comp, the SB Tree Service team is ready to help with tree service and removal projects of any size. For a consultation in the southeastern Louisiana area or any of the other cities currently being affected by Hurricane Ida, you can get in touch with them at 386-320-3056.
“Lastly, we’d like to say we’re sending our thoughts and prayers to the people of Louisiana. Stay safe out there and let’s get through this, together.”
Source: SB Tree Service