Artplex Gallery Grand Opening Reception

The founders of Artspace Warehouse are pleased to welcome guests to their new space, Artplex Gallery for a Grand Opening Reception on Thursday, December 6, 2018 from 6 -9 pm at 7377 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Expanding on the success and emerging artist base of Artspace Warehouse, Artplex Gallery aims to give the same opportunities to international breakout artists, showcasing some of the top emerging artists worldwide, and focus on catapulting artists who are established abroad into successful careers in the United States.

Artplex Gallery focuses on artists who push boundaries and have increasingly been in the international spotlight. Their natural talent and creativity challenge traditional art parameters and helped them gain tremendous momentum in international recognition. Even though some of the styles seem based on familiar genres, most of these artists mold them into new directions to completely make them their own. The artists create works that span a variety of media and subject matter. They are shaping the future of contemporary art, creating relevant new paths, all while receiving increasing collector and institutional attention.

Right at home in West Hollywood and within immediate proximity to its sister gallery, Artplex Gallery is an expansive modern space with an intimate feel that allows for front-and-center focus on each artist. Artplex Gallery is excited to become part of the growing art landscape in Los Angeles. The opening reception will feature artwork by artists Iqi Qoror, Nelson De La Nuez, Nando Kallweit, Sally West, and others.

Iqi Qoror explores themes of gender, trust, and self-reflection. His experimental practice mixes traditional painting methods with embroidery and meditates on the intersection of fine art and textile. In his native country of Indonesia, he has an established career and client base and has exhibited his work all over the world

Nelson De La Nuez is one of the world’s most collected Pop artists and his work is hanging in the private collections of movie stars, directors, producers, comedians, corporations and art connoisseurs, as well as purchased recently for future auctions by Sotheby’s. He uses instantly recognizable imagery which taps into the collective American consciousness.

Nando Kallweit is an established German sculpture working in bronze and oak. Inspired by ancient sculpture, he portrays human strength and pride by using elongated forms. His sculptures are human figures simplified. Kallweit’s work is displayed in many private collections and he has an extensive exhibition history across Europe.

Sally West had her breakout exhibition in 2011 and since then has become a sought-after artist in Australia. Her artworks are traditional in subject matter and technique, making her right at home with Southern California landscape and seascape genre from the early 20th century. Using an impressionist color palette and adding unexpected texture makes her work very 21st century despite the historical influence.

Los Angeles artist Robert Standish’s paintings are inspired by color-field painters and Abstract Expressionism. His free-flowing use of paint is his way of exploring abstraction and transcendence. The artist’s paintings can be found in the permanent collections of LACMA, JP MORGAN CHASE, and The Weisman Foundation. Standish’s paintings have been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, including two recent group shows at the Carnegie Art Museum.

Swiss-born Marco Schmidli moved to California in 1989 and has been creating large scale artworks since his relocation. His artworks have appeared in highly respected publications, and have set the standard for large scale contemporary abstract works in Los Angeles.