Artist Joaquin Restrepo to be featured in international group exhibition

A global exhibition, featuring the sculptures of Orlando artist Joaquin Restrepo, will make its debut on December 7 in New Smyrna Beach.

The exhibition at Jane’s Art Center, known as “Gratia Anima,” includes eight of Restrepo’s iconic bronze and iron horse sculptures. The timeless pieces represent the balance between fragility and strength.

The show has an international flair with works by Elodie M. Richard, a French painter and Nicolas Gheur, a Belgian-born painter.

“Together, we are able to expand our world view to explore the very essence of humankind. This exhibition is meant to show just how delicate our world is, as we go about the key events of life,” commented Restrepo.

The sculptor and painter was born in Colombia and trained by the American artist, Ethel Gilmour, in addition to Colombian artists like Débora Arango, and David Manzur. Restrepo sold his first piece at auction at Christie’s in New York at age 19. He recently completed three-country tour, seven city tour in the United States, Mexico and Colombia.

“New Smyrna Beach is a place full of history and art. Joaquin’s sculptures, in addition to Elodie and Nicolas’ paintings, make for an unforgettable encounter at Jane’s Art Center,” said Restrepo’s U.S. manager, Mateo Blanco.

Jane’s Art Center is located at 199 Downing Street in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

The show, “Gratia Anima,” runs through December 28. For photos of the artists featured in the exhibition, click here.

About Joaquin Restrepo
Joaquin Restrepo is a painter and a sculptor. He studied art history, music and goldsmithing, working under celebrated artists Debora Arango and Ethel Gilmour. Restrepo has participated in group and solo exhibitions in the U.S., China, Mexico and Colombia. His pieces have also been sold by Christie’s in New York. Restrepo is currently based in Orlando. For more information, visit