Article Citation from Mayon Knowledge Bank

The Scholarly Citation Index Analytics (SCIA) initiative from Mayon Knowledge Bank (MKB) stands for the multidisciplinary publisher’s articles offers free access to extensive electronic resources. SCIA database is a comprehensive research & evaluation tool for scholarly literature intended to provide citation, indexing and Article Download Metrics (ADM) as designed to help researchers assess the quality and genuinity of an article to all types of academic publishers journal articles, proceedings, books, thesis, dissertation, individual study materials to archive and provide the ADM of author and journal to improve the global visibility in the research field. It is an entirely pure educational service for indexing academic publishers only for it helps academicians to find suitable articles to refer for their research work and get more information under one umbrella.

The Scholarly Citation Index Analytics (SCIA) is a dynamic and ever-evolving organization, and our mission, vision reflect our emerging outlook. To learn more about what SCIA wants to create and how we plan to get there, we encourage you to explore inspires the creation, discovery, and use of knowledge for the scholar’s worldwide.
SCIA is committed to excellence and innovation supports this commitment by:

Preserving and providing access to all articles.
Build collections of research articles to support research and learning
Provide access to and promote the discovery and use of information resources.
National, and international journals information initiatives.
Ensure the preservation and long-lasting availability of article collections.

The Scholarly Citation Index Analytics (SCIA) seeks to be a catalyst for providing deep learning principles providing enormous information for publishing, sharing and preserving research community as well as for acquiring and accessing information critical to the basic researchers. The SCIA database shares with the universe the aspiration to be the most dynamic learning environment in the world. To fulfill this mission, SCIA commits to:

Developing and maintaining collections providing support to research community.
SCIA is well prepared to embrace changes and reform itself in providing a research centered learning environment.