ArrowStream Launches ChainConnect, First-of-Its-Kind Technology Aimed at Manufacturer Revenue Growth

ArrowStream, Inc. (“ArrowStream”), the leading foodservice cloud platform for supply chain intelligence, today announced its first-ever manufacturer-focused solution for manufacturers to grow their revenue and partnerships. After years of leading the market with chain operator and foodservice distributor solutions, ArrowStream introduces ChainConnect to change the way foodservice manufacturers grow their direct contract agreement with multi-unit restaurant chain sales and expand their indirect distributor business.
Today, most U.S. and Canadian foodservice manufacturers participate in ArrowStream’s collaborative applications that provide visibility to its vast network of 100k operator locations and 1,300 distributor locations. With ChainConnect, ArrowStream extends the same visibility that has become the gold standard for the rest of the industry to manufacturers. ChainConnect represents an essential new platform for manufacturer sales and accounts teams.
“We’ve always been a customer-first company,” said Nick Hummer, Director of Product Management at ArrowStream. “Our team set out to understand the manufacturing industry’s biggest challenges. Through countless conversations, we learned manufacturers weren’t getting the complete picture of where their products ended up. We built ChainConnect alongside our partners to ensure it was a product that filled a critical gap for them and to provide manufacturers with a solution that other products on the market couldn’t match.” 
ChainConnect is a manufacturer sales enablement solution that delivers up-to-date market data and insights from operators and distributors. Revenue teams, including sales and marketing, can identify unknown purchasers to increase revenue and expand distributor-partner relationships. Manufacturers can also easily monitor purchasing patterns and at-risk revenue with contracted customers.
“ArrowStream’s ChainConnect truly delivers on its promise to put high-quality, truly meaningful data at your fingertips,” said Jerad Miller, Director of National Accounts at Handgards. “It’s an unmatched tool in terms of visibility across all distribution for us, and it provides our team with a competitive edge in the marketplace.”
While ChainConnect is designed for manufacturers, chain operators have already seen the value in working with manufacturers that implement ChainConnect. “When a well-informed manufacturer contacts us, it saves time and improves meeting effectiveness. Manufacturers who use ChainConnect are already aware of our requirements. It reduces administrative activity like pulling data and sending it back and forth. It also enables the supplier to drive compliance of their products within our supply chain,” said Gary Nash, Sr. Director of Purchasing at Zaxby’s. 
Unlike other industry research and data insight products, ChainConnect data is updated daily. It closes the information gap by extending insights beyond the distribution warehouse to operator and restaurant locations. ChainConnect enables revenue teams from large scale foodservice manufacturers to emerging manufacturers alike, to quickly adjust to market changes and actively pursue new business with confidence.
ArrowStream’s solutions are developed specifically for the foodservice industry and provide operators, distributors, and manufacturers with an intelligent network that drives efficiency and cost savings in an end-to-end solution for their partners. 
For restaurant chain operators, foodservice manufacturers and distributors looking to improve their supply chain operations and partner collaboration, please request a consultation with one of our supply chain experts today. 
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