Aromajoin announces six finalists for its first ever digital scent-inspired hackathon, Hackaroma

Kyoto, Japan: On Friday, May 29th, digital scent startup Aromajoin announced it has selected six promising finalists to compete in the final round of its digital scent hackathon, Hackaroma. Each finalist will receive a rental kit with Aromajoin’s flagship IoT scent device, the Aroma Shooter, to develop never-before-smelt proofs of concepts.

Finalists’ projects include a fantasy RPG with smell-infused game mechanics, aroma-enhanced VR experiences, a scent-based Pavlovian productivity tool, a hands-free diffusion interface, and an olfactory-culinary narrative journey.

Hackaroma is a distributed hackathon, as participants build prototypes with Aroma Shooters in their own homes. Team leaders will demo their projects via livestream on June 19th, evaluated by a panel of judges selected by Aromajoin. Projects will be scored based on their novelty, usefulness, and level of completion.

The Aroma Shooter is a 6-chamber aroma emitter that completely abandons liquid media, which means no vapor, nor mist, nor steam. Based on Aromajoin’s proprietary solid-state fragrance material, the device simply transports scented air on command, making it impossible for odors to linger or mix together unintentionally. The Aroma Shooter gives creative people the means to toggle discrete scents as smoothly as visual content on a screen.

About Aromajoin Corporation: Founded in 2012 in Kyoto, Japan, Aromajoin Corporation produces the world’s most advanced aroma delivery systems, serving the needs of over 100 enterprise clients in retail, cosmetics, F&F production, entertainment, VR, and neuroscience.