ArmorSource Introduces Next Generation Aire System

ArmorSource has introduced its Next Generation Aire System, a full spectrum of advanced hole-free head protection solutions for military, law enforcement, and special forces personnel. The Aire System includes six Next Gen Lightweight Shells, a revolutionary Liner System, an ultra-lightweight helmet mount, and multiple helmet accessories to provide maximum protection and comfort.
ArmorSource users can choose from the following six unique boltless shells:
Each of these shells has a unique matrix, but all are versions of the ArmorSource Next Generation Ballistic Technology that utilize the most advanced ballistic composite materials available.
The Aire System also provides three ‘AireSupport’ suspension systems, as well as three ‘AireLink’ retention systems, for users to choose from. Available accessories include ultra-lightweight AireMount shrouds, AireRail side-rails, and multiple newly designed accessories.
An additional Aire option is the ‘AireLock Liner System’, a ballistic version of the Skydex IsoFit. When worn with an ArmorSource-certified shell, this revolutionary floating/mesh system provides a new level of comfort and safety to users.
“The new Aire system provides not only the highest ballistic and environmental performance at the lightest weight, but is also versatile and modular, built to allow each of our customers, no matter if they are front-line warriors, tankers, marines, law enforcement, SWAT, special command, or security guard, to build their own head protection configuration. This is a new game, not only for ArmorSource, but for its customers,” says Nick Gramly, ArmorSource’s VP of Technology. “To make sure the system performance stays consistent for long periods, the shells went through extensive third-party testing that included testing under multiple conditions such as extreme hot and cold, salt water, exposure to common field agents, high altitude, and accelerated aging.”
Leveraging its state-of-the-art design, R&D, testing and manufacturing facilities, ArmorSource strives to continuously enhance its products’ ballistic capabilities while maintaining and improving all aspects of comfort and durability.
ArmorSource’s recognition as a trusted ballistic helmet solution provider for militaries, law enforcement organizations, and special forces on multiple continents is a testament to its dedication to maximizing the survivability of personnel around the world.
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Source: ArmorSource LLC