Arizona Woman Entrepreneur Re-launches Annual Global Grant to Pay it Forward to Startups

Gilbert, Arizona] After receiving a grant in 2010 for her previous business and startup, The Mom-e Club®, Tisha Marie Pelletier, vowed to do the same for other aspiring entrepreneurs and awarded her first Startup Business Grant in 2018. Given the pandemic and the increase in individuals starting businesses, Pelletier is continuing the journey through her Startup Business Grant to help another individual in the world move forward with their dream and alleviate the headache of finding financing and the resources to get there.

“I know exactly what it’s like to be a startup and to have lack of money and resources hold you back from achieving that dream,” said Pelletier. “When I was awarded my grant in 2010, it literally felt like I won the lottery. It is the best feeling to have someone, a total stranger, believe in you and your idea enough to see it through. That’s why I do this. To give someone else’s dream a fighting chance and continue paying it forward.”

The Startup Business Grant is open to all businesses to apply to globally. Whether a business is in the ideation stage or already in progress, one recipient will receive a grant with an estimated value of $2,500 to include $500 personally funded by Tisha Marie Enterprises, a seat to Tisha Marie Enterprises’ online course and 1:1 mentoring the Startup Entrepreneur Academy™, Microsoft systems consulting with Hexalinks, the WHY assessment and consulting with The WHY Institute, a digital strategy pro package with Boundless Media and receive a featured blog post and video with Check Your Game.

The 2018 grant recipient Derrick Wadleigh from Asheboro, North Carolina used the Startup Business Grant to launch his community coffee shop on wheels, The American Bean, LLC. “With the tools and resources the grant offered, it helped me in areas I’m not the strongest. The money I received after being awarded the grant also helped me with some expenses that come with starting a business. Now, two years later and even in the pandemic, my business has experienced tremendous growth. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity through meeting Tisha.”

A grant applicant had this to say about entering the contest. “Not everyone gives small businesses a chance to succeed because of the risk associated with them, and the fact that you are willing to take a chance on someone you don’t know takes a great deal of trust and insight which makes this opportunity very inspiring.”

Interested candidates can apply for the Startup Business Grant at Applications are due by September 10, 2020 and the recipient will be announced on September 15, 2020 which also happens to be Tisha’s birthday and estimated tax day.