Arius Names Corey Gray VP of Brand Development

As Arius closes out the year and prepares for a monumental 2022, they are absolutely thrilled to announce that Corey Gray has joined their executive team as their new VP of Brand Development. With their recent expansion into new verticals, their product line has diversified and rapidly accelerated the demand for talent in operational, technical and leadership roles.
Among those roles, Arius understand the immense value in brand positioning, messaging, and marketing strategy so they have secured one of the most brilliant minds in the fintech space. Corey is profoundly experienced in every facet of business development, branding, marketing, and operations and offers over two and a half decades of experience in the financial arena. As the founder and co-founder of multiple successful businesses and a passion for the fintech space, he has an impressive record of accomplishment. Corey has created a plethora of successful ground-breaking products, services and brands, managed 300+ employees simultaneously in a call center environment, hired and trained thousands of in-house and remote employees, recruited thousands of affiliates and was the architect for a B2C FinServ business that ballooned from zero to 30k clients in just 18 months, generating over $80mm in recurring monthly revenue.
“I am honored and excited to be on the forefront of the trends in this emerging industry with Arius,” Corey said. “The products and services we are building are improving lives, and to me there is no better reward.”
Austin Ohliger, COO at Arius, praised Corey Gray as he takes on his new leadership role and said, “Besides his passion for fintech, above all, Corey holds the same core value as Arius – to Build Better Consumers.”
Kevin Carroll, CEO of Arius, responded, “As our organization continues its hyper-growth stage, our strategic initiatives require top-tier talent, and there is no escaping the fact that he is a perfect fit for our objectives. Corey will be laser-focused on all aspects of our B2B and B2C business strategy and, moreover, identifying and communicating to our target markets exactly how Arius distinguishes itself from the competition. We look forward to utilizing his vast experience and skills to continue to break new barriers in this ever-changing landscape.”
About Arius:
Arius is about changing not only how consumers buy online, but also how it can improve their lives. They focus on innovative, high tech consumer services that are unmistakably superior to anything on the market today. Their cutting-edge digital properties are changing the world and forcing competitors to re-imagine the entire landscape. For more information on Arius visit or email
Source: Arius