Arisdyne Systems, Inc. Hires Validation Engineer for Controlled Flow Cavitation System Installations

Arisdyne Systems, Inc. recently welcomed validation engineer William Herdt to the team. Herdt will be devoting the majority of his time working with customers during technology installations, assisting the plant in testing and optimization of Arisdyne’s Controlled Flow Cavitation (CFC™) systems.

“We’re pleased to add the talent of Bill Herdt to our team,” said Fred Clarke, Executive Vice President of Arisdyne Systems. “Bill’s knowledge of the ethanol industry, along with his years of experience with ethanol plant processes, will provide collaborative support and offer recommendations to better serve Arisdyne’s customers’ needs. As the ethanol industry increasingly focuses on the enhancement of plant performance, including ethanol yield and production efficiency, Herdt adds a more experienced level of expertise.”

Herdt has over 18 years of experience in ethanol production with four years in wastewater operations. Herdt is well regarded in the ethanol community, having worked at several ethanol plants including: Parallel Products Kentucky, in Louisville, Kentucky; AltraBiofuels Goshen, in Omaha, Nebraska; Sutherland Ethanol Company in Sutherland, Nebraska; Wyoming Ethanol in Torrington, Wyoming; Abengoa York (High Plains) in York, Nebraska; and Ag Processing in Hastings, Nebraska. During the course of his career, Herdt has worked as plant manager, process and quality control specialist, process manager, alcohol manager, and QA/QC lab supervisor, among others. Most recently, he served as field service supervisor for Edeniq, Inc.

Currently residing in California, Herdt and his family are relocating back to the Midwest to be closer to the heart of the ethanol industry.

About Arisdyne Systems, Inc.
Arisdyne Systems, Inc. is the innovative provider of retrofit equipment and value-creating services for fuel ethanol, biodiesel, vegetable oil degumming, and biogas producers. Arisdyne specializes in designing small footprint devices utilizing patented controlled flow, hydrodynamic cavitation and applying its cavitation technology to increase yield for ethanol and biogas production, to reduce catalyst consumption and improve yield for biodiesel production, and vegetable oil degumming. For more information, call 216-458-1991, ext. 482 or visit the company website at