Are You Looking for an Oil Job ?

Are you looking for an oil job? Do you want to make good money off shore on an oilrig? Across the World inn the petrochemical industry there are around 1.5 million people working on almost 2800 oil platform jobs. Some rigs are so big that they look like small islands and they all have in common lots of varied and lucrative oil jobs.

Some oil job workers go off shore for the adventure but all of them do it in order to earn a lot of money quickly. You see offshore oil jobs are the best paid but also the toughest jobs around. Often oil jobs involve 21 days in a row of twelve-hour shifts followed by the same amount of paid leave.

Oil jobs offshore have a secure future as worldwide energy prices are rising and the demand for experience, skills and human energy is high.

The first tier big oil companies recruit into oil jobs with skilled craftspeople. Oil jobs requiring less skill but lots of practical experience also abound off shore. Think of all the oil job opportunities in the kitchen and restaurants, the cleaning and services crews, the medical stations, the warehousing and the administration.

How much do oil jobs pay? For your 21 days and 21 off the salary ranges from $3000 to $7000 per month. All food and accommodation is included as is the cost of transportation to and from the offshore rig. The monthly net earnings for an average oil job in a drilling crew are around $3000. Proven ability in oil jobs can earn $4500. Skilled engineering oil jobs can earn around $7000.

The currency of oil jobs is the US-Dollar and payment is direct to your bank. Basic oil job preconditions conditions are physical fitness and age restrictions, above 18 years and less than 50 years. Some typical oil jobs and their pay levels are…

Ø Maintenance Roustabout ($47,000). This oil job is about the general upkeep and cleansing of deck area of rig.

Ø Roustabout ($54,500) includes guiding cranes as move stuff on deck, supplying equipment to the rig floor as requested.

Ø Welder ($62,000) these oil jobs are permanently on one rig and carry out all day-to-day metalwork. These oil jobs are very busy and big projects can increase numbers dramatically.

The process of oil extraction, processing and distribution is so constant and so large scale that the demand for oil workers is large and constant. Oil job support workers carry out the following tasks: scouring rusty metal, painting, washing, moving goods, equipment and bringing supplies to and from shore. Also they will have to keep the drill rigs on line by laying the rods correctly and manhandling them in place. Careful and safe mixing of chemicals for the drill fluids as well as keeping them all in working order.

So if you think oil jobs offshore may be for you turn to the Internet to find the specialist oil job filling firms.

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