Are Internet Pharmacies as Safe as Brick-and-Mortar Ones?

Americans have been hearing about forthcoming changes to the pharmaceutical industry that will work to lower the prices for prescription drugs for years now. There’s been little in the way of progress there. There are a host of reasons why prescription drugs are often very expensive in America, but the primary one is that the USA is the only country that has a system allowing drug manufacturers to set prices as freely as they please. These ongoing high prices have U.S. residents increasingly looking to online pharmacies in Canada, like Canada Drugs Direct, to have their prescriptions filled for less.
It’s natural for people looking into this alternative to ask if Internet pharmacies are safe, and are they as safe as brick-and-mortar ones found in their community. The short answer is that yes, they are safe, and the reason why most online pharmacies are safe is because ones in the USA and every online pharmacy in Canada are going to be required to adhere to operating guidelines. Ones that are put in place by the US FDA and Health Canada.
Both countries have measures in place to ensure compliance, and this includes inspections to ensure they have the same good operating practices as storefront pharmacies. However, what can the average individual do to be assured they’re going to receive safe, pure, and quality products when ordering drugs online from Canada or getting them from a U.S. online pharmacy?
For starters, you should be able to determine that the pharmacy meets these three criteria:
Plus, there are two good online resources you can use to check if a pharmacy is safe or reputable. If you’re considering an online pharmacy in the USA, use the US FDA’s own database of licensed online pharmacies by State. If you’ve decided to order your medication online from Canada, verify the pharmacy with PharmacyChecker or use the CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy) list of accredited pharmacies in Canada.
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