Are Dental and Vision Insurance Important When You Choose a Job?

iQuanti: When looking for a new job, medical insurance and health benefits are paramount to many people. But dental and vision insurance may seem like less of a priority. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore dental and vision insurance during a job search.
What Is Dental Insurance?
Dental insurance offers coverage for dentist check-ups and other oral health care appointments. Companies can offer full or basic dental coverage. With a full coverage dental plan, you are not responsible for most of the costs of your dental care. Comparatively, with basic coverage, your employer covers most, or all costs associated with dental cleanings and other standard oral health procedures.
In addition, most dental insurance plans have a health maintenance organization (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO) network.
Under an HMO plan, you can access in-network dentists at a low cost. If you want to see a dentist who falls outside your HMO plan’s network, you are responsible for the cost of doing so.
Like an HMO plan, a PPO plan offers a network of dentists. But in a PPO plan, you can visit a dentist outside your network. In this instance, you pay for services from your out-of-network dentist, then file a claim to be reimbursed for them.
What Is Vision Insurance?
Many vision insurance plans let you receive an annual eye care test. Certain plans allow you to replace your eyeglasses or contact lenses every year or every two years free of charge.
Vision insurance can cover eye procedures deemed to be medically necessary. Some vision insurance plans also provide discounts on LASIK and other corrective surgeries.
Do I Need Dental and Vision Insurance?
Dental and vision insurance are quickly becoming must-haves for people across the United States.
Good oral and eye health promote general wellness. Oral and eye health exams can be used to detect diabetes, high cholesterol, and other serious health conditions in their initial stages. Once identified, steps can be taken to manage these conditions and minimize their immediate and long-term impact.
In addition to whole-body ailments, regular oral and eye exams can also help detect diseases of the mouth and eyes early, leading to earlier intervention and better care.
What Happens If I Choose a Job That Doesn’t Offer Dental and Vision Insurance?
Choosing a job that does not offer dental and vision insurance can be problematic. In this scenario, you are required to pay for any dental and vision care out of pocket. And doing so can be expensive.
For example, consider what can happen if you feel a sudden and extreme toothache. Do you risk a high bill and go to the dentist anyway? Or do you put off getting care for your tooth, potentially leading to an even bigger problem down the line? Knowing that your dental and vision care is covered leads to taking better care of your health and helps to avoid extreme outcomes.
The Bottom Line on Dental and Vision Insurance
Explore job opportunities at companies that provide dental and vision insurance. That way, you can capitalize on dental and vision benefits that allow you to maintain a healthy smile and clear vision.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.