Araam Launches the First Circular Mattress in Canada, Ultimately Working Towards a World Without Waste

In Canada alone, an estimated six million mattresses end up in landfills annually, causing unnecessary waste and negatively impacting the environment. Many municipal recycling programs do not include mattresses in their list of recyclables due to the wide variety of components which cannot be recycled, thus making mattress recycling a daunting task. Araam, a locally owned and operated mattress manufacturer based out of Edmonton, has been investigating this issue for some time now. In order to find a solution to this problem, Araam recently partnered with Niaga® Covestro B.V., a world leader in recycling based out of the Netherlands, to create a mattress that is fully recyclable and easy to do so. It’s because of this exclusive partnership that Araam is pleased to announce “Sprout Circular,” the first fully circular mattress in Canada. 
Sprout Circular, which was developed in collaboration with Niaga®’s circularity infrastructure, is made up of innovative circular materials that can easily be decoupled and recycled at the same high-quality level time and again. Araam believes it is important to manufacture as locally as possible and to communicate transparently about where all the materials come from. That’s why, together with Niaga®, they developed a “Product Passport” for each mattress which will provide insight into the circular chain of the product. By scanning the Niaga® label on the side of the mattress with a smartphone, the consumer can discover exactly what Sprout Circular is made of, where the materials come from, and how they can recycle the mattress. Through this, Araam aspires to educate others on the importance of promoting a circular economy while reducing the reliance on natural resources consumption.
“At Araam, our goal is to close the loop on recycling. We know that working towards a world without waste is a group effort. That’s why we brought in Niaga®’s material science and redesign expertise to complement our industry-specific knowledge on mattresses. Together, we are finding more and more ways to keep valuable materials in the loop for future generations,” said Feizal Chatur, CEO of Araam Inc.
Araam is expected to launch Canada’s first circular mattress on Nov. 1, 2021, and is actively engaging with retailers and distributors to partner with. 
Araam has been Canada’s premier manufacturer of luxury, standard and custom mattresses for the last 15 years, with the manufacturing facility strategically located in Edmonton. Araam is the sole authorized manufacturer of Hypnos, Sprout and Sova beds.
For partnership opportunities or more information, contact Tony Palladino at (780-444-1388 x237).
Source: Araam Inc.