AppJetty’s Dynamics 365 Map Integration Quick Maps is Now MappyField 365

They’ve changed the product name on their website as well as their product page on Microsoft AppSource, a solution’s platform where businesses having Dynamics 365 can find solutions to their problems.

When asked as to what brought about the rebranding, their Head of Marketing and Product Strategy, Parth Pandya said, “Some of the biggest challenges for Sales & Marketing Ops are Field Service Planning and Route Optimisation. Of course, live tracking seems quite a natural requirement for managers, too. Moving from Quick Maps to MappyField 365 is our conscious effort to bridge this gap for Dynamics 365 users.”

MappyField 365 retains all the features and functions that you already know from Quick Maps, like heat map visualization, route optimization, territory management, live tracking, and more.

MappyField 365 for Dynamics CRM is a tool that is specially designed for the sales team and also works as a collaborative tool for sales and marketing teams. A clean visual interface and visual elements reduce training time and provide data that is easy to understand for the sales representatives and sales managers.

MappyField 365 also became a preferred solution on MS AppSource, recently.

To learn more about the product, you can visit their product page from here: