Appcues Named Leader in Customer Onboarding by the Product Marketing Alliance

Appcues, the product onboarding and adoption platform for web and mobile apps, has been named the 2023 Customer Onboarding Pulse Leader by the Product Marketing Alliance. The annual Pulse Awards recognize the best product marketing tools in the market and celebrate the teams and individuals behind these valuable solutions.
The award was given based on Appcues’ highly-effective, product-led approach to solving customer onboarding challenges. The platform—which has helped thousands of companies improve their product experiences and scale user engagement—provides a simple and effective way for non-technical product marketers, product managers, and customer experience professionals to create and publish personalized and timely in-app experiences without a developer.
“Appcues easy-to-use, no-code system makes for the ultimate customer onboarding experience. So, it comes as no surprise that it has taken this year’s title as Customer Onboarding Leader. With Appcues, product marketers can engage with their customers efficiently, allowing them to create a better experience for everyone involved. Congratulations from all of us at Product Marketing Alliance,” Richard King, Founder, and CEO of PMA, commented.
With its user-friendly design, expert team and resources, and powerful targeting and personalization capabilities, Appcues has quickly become the go-to solution for organizations looking to scale in a more product-led way—from onboarding new users and driving product adoption to creating awareness for new features and collecting customer insights.
“We’re honored to receive this recognition from the Product Marketing Alliance,” said Appcues CEO, Jackson Noel. “At Appcues, our goal is to help organizations provide the best possible experience for their users, and this award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.”
Beyond its award-winning product, Appcues takes as much pride in its approach to market education and resources. Appcues’ Product Adoption Academy offers free, high-value courses and certifications in user onboarding, product launches, and more, while their Behind the Experience show and Product-Led Growth Collective feature insights from the foremost experts on product experience design and product-led growth strategy.
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About Appcues
Appcues is a product onboarding and adoption platform that was designed from the ground up to enable anybody, technical or not, to create beautiful, personalized in-app experiences that help their users fall in love with their product.
Thousands of software businesses around the world use Appcues to improve how users engage with their products—from onboarding new users and driving product adoption to creating awareness for new features and collecting customer insights—no developer needed.
Appcues is backed by Sierra Ventures, NewSpring Capital, and Accomplice. To learn more and start your free trial, visit
Source: Appcues