AppClose Nears One Million Downloads; Announces New Features

Today, AppClose®, a leading co-parenting platform, announced that it expects to pass the 1,000,000 downloads milestone in January 2022. The company also announced the imminent release of in-App audio and video calling features, as well as an upcoming desktop version of the App.
“We are proud that we are consistently the most downloaded co-parenting app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the U.S.,” said Igor Litinsky, CEO of the Company. “We are recommended or ordered by courts in all 50 states and by courts in most of the more than 3,000 U.S. counties. Co-parents increasingly choose AppClose over other court-recommended or ordered co-parenting apps. This user adoption validates our simple, scalable, flexible, and intuitive mobile design and our App’s bundling of the features valued by users and by experts that recommend co-parenting apps. For the third year in a row, we are proud to be chosen to be part of the Parenting Essentials collection in the Apple App Store. To reflect our market position and strong consumer brand, we recently added the tagline America’s Co-Parenting Destination™.” 
“In response to the steadily rising popularity of AppClose among co-parents and legal professionals, courts are increasingly recommending or ordering AppClose,” continued Mr. Litinsky. “We know that more than 70% of our users are court-ordered users. So in 2022, we will be laser-focused to further expand AppClose in the family law courts, starting seminars for judges and family law professionals. We will continue to help co-parents comply with their court-ordered usage while delivering on our unvarying mission to facilitate ongoing co-parent communications, and help them during what is often a stressful period to manage their shared parenting for the best possible physical, mental, and health outcomes for the children.”
The Company also announced today that in the first quarter of 2022, it will release audio and video calling options, as well as a web/desktop version of the software. “While there are a number of parenting applications out there,” said Mr. Litinsky, “our App is already packed with an abundance of needed features.  That’s why it is recommended by more than 41,000 family lawyers to their clients. We will continue to add new features and provide extreme value to the co-parents using our app, and the increasing number of legal professionals who use our app to communicate with their clients. We started as a native mobile app – which is ideal for what most co-parents want and need. Web/desktop versions in the co-parenting space have a small audience, but we decided to extend the platform to that audience as well.”
The App includes ipayou®, an integrated co-parenting payment and expense tracking solution. This payment solution enables users to send and receive payments within the App. Co-parents can categorize payments to show compliance with temporary family court orders, or to document payments and reimbursements by category in preparation for divorce proceedings and the structure of the final decree. The payment reporting capabilities, in conjunction with the current communications tools in the App, enable legal professionals, guardians ad litem, and state agency and support organization personnel to monitor the parties’ compliance with both temporary and final court orders, as well as provide a platform for secure and flexible communications among these parties.    
The AppClose co-parenting app may be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store, or by visiting
Contact: Dennis James
Phone: 888-567-0727
Source: AppClose, Inc.