Anyword Shares Tips to Dominate Black Friday Shopping with Powerful Marketing Campaigns

Anyword, the data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting platform, recommends a slate of best practices for marketers as the busiest shopping time of the year approaches – Black Friday, the kickoff to a projected $1.45 trillion in holiday season consumer spending. 
Some 88 million online shoppers spent $8.9 billion on Black Friday 2021, making it a critical time for marketers to attract potential buyers. Anyword’s powerful predictive analytics helps generate high-performing marketing copy for every channel and every format.
“Marketers will spend billions on paid ads as well as organic strategies,” said Eli Bar-Lev, chief marketing officer at Anyword. “Creative is king, and Anyword works with hundreds of thousands of ads across industries. Our expert team put together best practices for building high-performing imagery and copy.”
For building a Black Friday campaign strategy, Anyword provides both big-picture strategies and specific ground-level message guidance. Strategies include:
Specific messaging recommendations include:
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About Anyword
Anyword, formerly known as Keywee, uses AI and natural language processing to develop effective, performance-driven marketing language so that marketers communicate to consumers using text that yields the highest-level results and meets conversion goals. Anyword’s AI-generated text is coupled with an intuitive scoring system that ranks text, predicting results so that marketers can measure performance prior to launching a campaign and avoid costly and time-consuming A/B tests.
With predictive performance, marketers know, in advance, how well text will perform with each audience base. Based in New York, Anyword was founded in 2013 and in its most recent Series B funding round secured $21 million, led by Innovation Endeavors. To learn more about Anyword, visit
Source: Anyword