Anti-Democrat Humor

Take a break from serious politics and enjoy! Don’t bother reading the following unless you have watched the ENTIRE video. Match the number of the joke/picture in the video with the number here for explanations. 1. “If they’re on an island, how do they speak English?” Its a joke. 2.Pigs are more civilized than Democrats. 3. Democrats are always saying how they really are good people deep down – although they never show it. 4. Self explanatory. 5. Democrats are always making stupid comments, and the media jumps on them. 6. MOST (not all) Democrats are dirt bags. 7. They both take money, Democrats waste it on pointless Government projects. 8. Self explanatory. 9. Self explanatory. 10. Self explanatory. 11. Al Gore is STUPID. If global warming is happening, then I’m paying $0.50 for gas per gallon. 12. Democrats raise taxes for wasteful projects. 13. Democrats whine about EVERYTHING. 14. Yes, I’m well aware that big-foot was fake, but still, it seems more real than a smart democrat by FAR. 15. Bill Clinton + Hillary Clinton = Chelsea. They’re both bad lawyers and both bad politicians. 16. Self explanatory. 17. Self explanatory. 18. Self explanatory. 19. A comic by Rob Rodgers 20. Look at the facts, most people w/o jobs tend to vote democrat. 60% of crimes are committed by high school drop outs. Most people without jobs are high school drop outs. 21. Self explanatory. 22. Self explanatory (if you lived through the 90’s) 23. Democrats (especially Hillary and Barack) NEVER stop

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