Anthony Reid’s New Book ‘Keys to My Soul’ (Stylized as ‘Keys 2 My Soul’) is a Conversation People Need to Have

Anthony Reid, an Information Technology Manager, has completed his new book, “Keys to My Soul”:  an eye-opening volume about mental health and depression.
Anthony writes, “My health…failing, my marriage…failing, my mental…failing.  I’ve seen it coming like it was in slow motion, yet I still felt powerless to stop any of it. I was making trips to urgent care and the emergency room like they were doctor’s appointments. My marriage was falling apart while I was still trying to cope with the loss of people that were close to me that I just never fully came to terms with. I found myself diagnosed as being in a depression by two doctors, as I didn’t want to accept the diagnosis the first time. I was a witness to my trip into darkness. This book does not focus on the events that brought me to this dark place but more so on the mental frame and emotional state I held when I found myself in the darkness. We like to document our trips in the physical realm with pictures and videos. This collection of poetry will be my attempt to document my journey in the mental and emotional realm—from darkness to new hope.  In the end, your darkest place may lead you to your greatest blessings. The message here is to always keep fighting.”
Published by Fulton Books, Anthony Reid’s book talks about trials and tribulations that many go through every day, but with different ways of coping.
Readers who wish to experience this beautiful compilation can purchase “Keys to My Soul” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books