Anthony and Claudia Mann’s New Book “Poems of Love and Hope” is a Heartwarming Volume From a Married Couple That Spreads the Message That Love and Hope Still Exist

Anthony and Claudia Mann, a couple married for 29 years, have completed their most recent book “Poems of Love and Hope,” an endearing compilation of poems that began as Anthony’s gift for his wife.
Anthony and Claudia write, “The poems were written with the purpose to spread the message that, even during this time of isolation and seemingly ever-present social unrest, love and hope still exist. With these poems, we want to provide encouragement and the assurance that not all is lost.”
Published by Fulton Books, Anthony and Claudia Mann’s book is a compilation of poems that the couple hope they could share to others during a difficult time.
Filled with works from the heart, the couple shares their love story, faith, and hope for the present and the future between the pages of this small but heartwarming volume.
Readers who wish to experience this poetic work can purchase “Poems of Love and Hope” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books