Announcing vivitide, a New Name With Continuous Commitment to Science Based on Long Experience in the World of Peptides and Antibodies

Delighted to announce the new company name, vivitide unites the vision and capabilities of previously merged New England Peptide and Peptides International under one, joint, global brand.

“Our new company name, vivitide, is a true reflection of our identity and commitment,” said Dr. Diekmann, CEO of vivitide. “We take pride in providing agile and flexible service to our customers, offering a broad suite of peptide and antibody services and products to the life science community. Together with our experienced personnel, outstanding customer care, quality, and service, we ensure our clients experience unparalleled support. Our employees take pride in being part of a vibrant life science community, and we confidently look forward to continued success and achievements for both our customers and us.”
“We have significantly evolved, expanded, and grown our services and portfolio over the past 12 months,” adds Ehab Alramahy, Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales. “Our employees are dedicated and highly motivated to fulfill and excel on behalf of our customers” Alramahy continues. “We have transformed our business processes and invested in both our employees and state-of-the art technology. All this together making it easier than ever for you to work with us.”
“With over 100 employees in North America, we established 24/7 production in our facilities to meet increasing demands in 2020. The company has a strong base for further organic growth, supplemented with future M&A activity, which will be a focus of the company’s executives, and Board of Directors,” adds Dr. Diekmann. “We’ll continue to serve customers worldwide as a leading supplier of peptides and antibodies, which play an important role in the research and development, diagnosis and therapy of diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and COVID-19.”      
vivitide is a global leader in custom peptides, antibody services, and catalog products for the life science and biotech industry. Formed by the merger of New England Peptide (founded 1998) and Peptides International (founded in 1983) in 2019, vivitide is headquartered in Gardner, MA, with significant operations in Louisville, KY. Committed to outstanding quality and customer care, vivitide provides a broad suite of custom peptide synthesis services, custom antibodies, catalog peptides, and biochemicals to academia, pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies worldwide.
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Source: vivitide, LLC.