Announcing New Rampiva Automate – Corporate Edition

Rampiva, a data automation solutions provider, announced today the launch of the Corporate Edition of their Rampiva Automate platform. This major software update expands the offering to include Legal Hold Notification capabilities and the automation of Nuix’s Enterprise Collection Center.  
Built with the guidance of corporate users and their partners at Nuix, this new edition enables an automated end-to-end workflow for eDiscovery, digital investigations, information governance and more. Legal teams can now issue hold instructions that empower custodians to self-submit priority items for immediate processing and review, while also staging full forensic collections that can be immediately processed upon completion.  
“Rampiva Automate – Corporate Edition is a significant leap forward for enterprises, bringing data collection, processing and review under their control. Departments will accelerate response times while freeing experts to be investigators instead of button pushers,” said Daniel Boteanu, Founder and CEO at Rampiva. 
“Rampiva Automate – Corporate Edition is a significant leap forward for enterprises, bringing data collection, processing and review under their control.” – Daniel Boteanu, Founder and CEO at Rampiva. 
Rampiva Automate – Corporate Edition is available for download for clients and is designed to be used with Nuix Workstation, Enterprise Collection Center, and Investigate platforms. New features include a complete Legal Hold Notification platform, expansive integration with Nuix Enterprise Collect Center, and improvements to the existing direct-to-Rampiva data upload function. 
“With the tightening labor market, regulatory pressure around cybersecurity and data privacy, and always growing data volumes,” believes Bill Potter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rampiva, “there simply aren’t enough people to actually do this work. Teams are looking to leverage software to increase productivity, standardize output, and facilitate operational reporting.” 
This expansion in Nuix automation to include Legal Hold Notification and Collection gives teams new options for responding to incidents, tracking progress, and leveraging insights from the data to inform strategies. Rampiva Automate – Corporate Edition does not require additional hardware.  
“Automating an end-to-end workflow opens up exciting new use cases,” shared Ryan Best, Head of Client Success at Rampiva. “We dramatically reduce the shoe-leather cost of responding to a security alert, collecting data for discovery, or investigating an issue. Teams are able to provide more coverage of the threat landscape, particularly when connecting Rampiva’s API to a SOAR or Matter Management System.” 
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A demonstration can be scheduled at Rampiva will also be hosting a live demo on January 13, providing high level overview of the new product update. 
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