Announcing Cord Tools, DevOps for Adobe Experience Manager

Hoodoo Digital announced that they have a new offering for users of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Cord Tools is an automated DevOps solution for users of Experience Manager, whether they are self-hosted on Adobe Managed Services or using Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. The code for Cord Tools is designed to work with Adobe’s systems. 
Cord Tools is accessible to everyone within the Adobe Experience Manager implementation community. It was designed to complement Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service by accelerating adoption and making it easier than ever to use AEM. Cord Tools has five unique capabilities for users, including a self-service model that is completely free. 
Kem Elbrader, Co-founder of Hoodoo Digital, explained that Cord Tools helps bridge a gap for Adobe Experience Manager users, “Adobe Experience Manager is a tremendously robust platform, and as a result, it creates a variety of different DevOps needs for individual organizations. We designed Cord Tools to offer these organizations a better set of tools to help them improve their cohesion and manage the variety of DevOps requirements that are generated when using Adobe Experience Manager,” Kem said. 
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