Anaheim-Based and Employee-Owned Wireless Provider Arch Telecom Touts Diversity, Innovation and Passion as Key Factors in Employee Retention

Arch Telecom was founded in Yonkers, NY, in 1993 with one location, one team and one vision. The now T-Mobile Premium Retailer has since expanded to include more than 1,200 employees in approximately 200 locations across 22 states and exists today as the only employee-owned company in wireless.
Built by individuals with different worldviews, ethnicities, religions, backgrounds, abilities and ages, Arch Telecom strives to become the world’s No. 1 wireless provider. With 82% of Arch Telecom’s employees being minorities, the company is committed to mirroring America’s demographic makeup.
“We thrive because we embrace inclusion,” said Ali Yahyavi, Chief Sales Officer for Arch Telecom. Responsible for the national vision, direction and growth of the company, Yahyavi says diversity is the company’s greatest strength. 
In addition to its dedication to diversity, Arch Telecom is committed to providing for its modern workforce by offering employees excellent perks, better benefits, shift flexibility, tuition assistance, wireless service discounts, competitive retirement plans and the opportunity for unlimited earning potential.
“We put people first and that starts with our employees,” Yahyavi said. “It’s because we’re employee-owned that we understand the importance of our workforce. Everything we do is tied into that.” This includes company profit sharing with employees.
As a business steeped in integrity and uncompromising ethics, Arch Telecom prides itself on creating life-changing moments by empowering employees based on performance, giving them opportunities to earn big when they work hard.
“We have the best compensation in the industry,” Yahyavi said, adding Arch Telecom’s top market director, sales representative and manager has received between $12,000 and $40,000 in bonus and commission checks.
Arch Telecom takes promoting from within seriously. “Every single one of our senior directors started as an entry-level sales rep, including me,” Yahyavi said. “We hire based on attitude and aptitude. If you work hard and are willing to learn, you have a place here.”
Arch Telecom’s company culture is also centered around employee development through extensive and continuous training, ensuring they’re always up to speed in an ever-changing industry. As mobile experts, they ensure customer satisfaction and a first-class shopping experience to help find deals for everyone, every day.
Because Arch Telecom values its employees, it offers accommodating work schedules with part and full-time shifts so they can have the flexibility they want and get benefits they need.
The wireless provider is currently looking to hire 300 employees nationwide within three months. To see some of the top 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals or for more information on how to become a member of the #ArchSquad visit:
For more information on participating locations: Haverhill, Lowell, Plantation, Katy, Camarillo, Montclair, Roseville, San Francisco, Lowell, Kennewick, Charlotte. 
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Source: Arch Telecom