AnaBios Announces Translational Research Grant Award

AnaBios Corporation announces the provision of a $15,000 grant award today for a selected academic scientist conducting translational research. AnaBios provides high-quality human tissue samples from ethically consented organ donors and is committed to enabling human-focused drug discovery in areas of high, unmet medical need, including cardiac disease, chronic pain, respiratory ailments, liver disease and kidney disease.
“AnaBios is excited to provide this research grant to a researcher demonstrating the greatest need for high-quality human tissue samples in academic research,” said Dr. Chris Mathes, Chief Commercial Officer of AnaBios. “Ultimately, the outcomes developed from life science research should translate to better health care solutions for patients. With this grant award, AnaBios hopes to raise awareness of the importance of working with human primary tissue and cells and to promote a quicker, more efficient route to truly translational research data.”
The $15,000 award of high-quality human tissue samples from AnaBios will help the winning researcher advance his/her translational research project. In addition, AnaBios will award a 25% discount to the 10 highest-ranked applications for the future purchase of AnaBios tissue samples.
The deadline to submit an abstract is June 30, 2021. AnaBios will announce award winners on July 30, 2021. For more details, please visit AnaBios’ website.
About AnaBios
Located in San Diego, California, AnaBios aims to establish the safety and efficacy of novel compounds through its advanced, human-focused translational technologies. AnaBios primarily focuses on areas of high, unmet medical need, including cardiac disease, pain and itch. In addition to working with Fortune 500 biotech companies, CROs and academia, AnaBios drives an internal drug discovery platform via in-licensed programs from partners in the pharmaceutical industry. For more information about AnaBios, visit   
CONTACT: Dr. Chris Mathes
Chief Commercial Officer
Source: AnaBios