An Unrefusable Offer: This is What Madiff is Doing to Earn New Clients Through Digital Transformation

With the COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the world since 2020, uncertainty dominated the market. Companies have seen their results go down sharply and some even had to close their doors. Those that struggled through this tsunami now find themselves on an unreliable sea and a weakened boat, navigating uncertainty.
As a result, small businesses and large corporations are unlikely to invest in new projects, making it difficult for B2B companies to acquire new clients. Plus, the unsteadiness of 2020 has put companies in a position of holding on to their safe boat. In other words, surviving.
Truth is, everyone must look forward. As vaccines are produced and people get immunized, the market starts to recover. The so-called “new normal” has opened the eyes of many companies to digital transformation. Whoever does not follow along could sink.
Aware of this reality, an international company initiating activities in the U.S. has adapted. Madiff is focused on offering Agile remote teams (full-stack, back-end, front-end, and more), growth hacking and UX/UI services, which can be adapted to nearly any type of business and tech project scales. Besides being the most cost-effective option for fast-growing companies or large corporations, Agile teams also offer flexibility and efficiency, so demanded by the market after the pandemic outbreak.
Contract models are catered to the needs of each client. They can go from team leasing to Pay-per-Sprint, an offer for companies looking to improve existing projects. Plus, Madiff has a huge network of experienced consultants, tech experts and IT recruiters – everything to succeed on any tech project.
But that is not all …
Madiff is offering one month of a full developers’ team entirely free for a limited period. Practically speaking, this represents an important amount of money invested from Madiff’s side. This contribution will help boost the economy and promote digital transformation around the globe. “We believe in this cause. By investing in digital transformation, we can help economies recover faster and prepare developing countries for the future,” said Eduardo Marques, International Business Manager at Madiff.
Besides having operations in Europe and the U.S., Madiff is looking to expand. It has been working together with Portuguese institutions to reach Cabo Verde and Angola, which would contribute to the innovation environment in these countries and generate more jobs, moving the economy.
Some may be skeptical, but Madiff guarantees that the quality of the offer is not reduced and that its clients will receive the same top-quality customer care it is already recognized for on Clutch.
Remember, every competitor is navigating through the same unreliable sea, but the question is: Who will be the first to build their boat back up?
Source: Madiff